Alternative Tourism: The favorite of visitors.

In alternative tourism, 4×4 rides, high-altitude rides with horses, such as those offered by the company De Los Condores – Horseback riding and Mountain Activities, stand out.

The activities and excursions to do in our villa are varied and for all types of public. In Merlo you can make different circuits (Small Circuit, South Circuit, North Circuit) excursions to national and provincial parks (Sierra de las Quijadas, Bajo de Veliz), sports activities, (trekking, zip line, paragliding, mountain biking, 4×4, abseiling ), trout fishing, camping, adventure tourism, gastronomic, religious, cultural, artisan routes. Go to different festivities, visit abandoned mines and quarries, birdwatching, visit jumps and paradisiacal landscapes, share recreational activities and of course rest and enjoy the merlina tranquility.

  • Bird watching: some 200 species make up the bird colony of Merlo, among which we can find black and white-backed woodpeckers, black eagles, red zorzal, condors and peregrine falcons.
  • Trout fishing: in the high areas of the Comechingones mountain ranges, fish species and nautical sports in the lakes Huertitas, San Felipe and La Viña, distant between 80 and 100 kms. of the Villa.
  • Photographic safaris: among the varied autochthonous fauna are red foxes, wild cats, ferrets, pumas, maras and huinas.
  • House of the Poet – Antonio Esteban Aguero
    “Mouth of the Man and the Heart of the People”, these verses taken from the final verses of Agüero’s poem “Digo los oficios”, inspired and sought to express themselves in a plastic and architectural way in this cultural and artistic center built on the ancient house of the poet Antonio Esteban Agüero. This work that realizes a dream of the poet; See your home converted into a place for the cultivation and convergence of all the arts. It is the aspiration of the Government of the Province of San Luis to honor the memory of the writer and reaffirm the poetic and cultural legacy of the work of Agüero, on the eve of the year of the centenary of his birth to be fulfilled on February 7, 2017. Schedule: Wednesdays to Sundays from 10 a.m. to 13 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 21 p.m. More information:
  • Small Circuit
    Algarrobo Grandfather, this tree located in Piedra Blanca Abajo, is more than 800 years old. Under his extensive glass he lodged the Comechingones Indians who worshiped him for his mystical and enduring strength, an energetic center to visit at sunset when the rays of the sun caress its thick branches. Bad Steps at 1250 mtrs. high is a forest of Molles between the hills with trails to go down to the stream. The fresh and pure air allows an ideal atmosphere to observe the valley, to make trekking as well as it is the unbeatable setting for horseback riding. Piedra Blanca, today part of the Villa de Merlo, is bordered by the Piedra Blanca Creek, which constitutes the natural limit with the province of Córdoba. Rincon del Este, a polychromatic landscape with beautiful views; ideal for hiking. Going up El Molino stream, you will reach the famous Tabaquillo waterfall. Another point of interest is the Mirador del Sol from which you can appreciate a panoramic view of the valley.
  • South Circuit
    Cerro de Oro, 3 km south of Merlo, is this picturesque and peaceful place where alternative tourism practices can be practiced. Carpentry, located at the foot of the Sierra de los Comechingones, 7 km south of Villa de Merlo, is one of the best places in the country for its excellent natural setting for paragliding. The spaces are endless and the runways are at 1700 meters. above sea level. It is an ideal area for alternative practices. Villa Elena 19 km from Merlo, a gorge of magnificent beauty, with streams of pink stones, spectacular jumps, multi-colored pots, a forest of molles, coconuts and native vegetation. Parque Provincial Papagayos, is an attractive solar palm